New machines ship with in 8-10 weeks after order
New machines ship with in 8-10 weeks after order
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What material is the Maker-CSM made of?
The Maker-Csm is made of PLA and PLA+  The baseplate is from birch multiplex. All rotating parts have metal ballbearings no platic on plastic surface. All bolts are stainless steel all thread holes are made with brass inserts.

Imperial ore Metric?

Since we are from Germany  all bolt sices and general dimensions are based on the metric system.

What type of CSM is this machine?

The Maker-CSM is a rotating camschell type just like  the most vintage machines from the early 1900's and the few machines that still in production today.

What sice of cylinder are available?

we offer 48 56 60 64 and 72 needle cylinder  at this point . each machine comes with 2 cylinders  you can choose the sice during the order prozess,

Are the cylinders of this machine compatible with other brands like some of the older metal machines?

No our cylinder's won't fit with other brands 

Do you offer replacement needles?

every machine comes with 100 needles so even if you use the 72 needle  cylinder you have plenty  for replacement . Email us if you need more.

Do you offer Setup material for the machine?

Every Maker-CSM comes with a complete kit  of tools and accessories such as Setup Bonnet loomtool heelforks etc.

Does the machine come with a ribber?

not at  this Point. We plan to offer a ribber with in the first halve of 2022. How ever the machine has already all socktes and holders  etc integrated so so the riber can be added easy later on without major changes to the machine it selfe

Do you offer the printfiles for this machine.

At this pont we have no intend to offer the files for this machine . How ever we provide files for cylinders cones and a few other things for free.

Shipping Method?

we use dhl  exclusive. The machine is  bubble wrapped and packed in a basic wooden box the box is packed in a "2flute " karton box.

How long i have to wait for a machine if i ordered?

lead time is maximum  4 weeks plus shipping time  depending  on destination.