New machines ship with in 8-10 weeks after order
New machines ship with in 8-10 weeks after order
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Hat Knitting Machine

A large sized 3d printed circular  knitting machine  for projects such as adult hats, blankets, etc

With our new circular knitting machine, we give the experienced knitter new tools to realize larger projects.

The machine has a 220mm diameter cylinder and 134 needles and is mainly designed to use standard sock yarn (420m/100gr) or thinner.


The machine can create both round and flat knitted pieces. In circular knitting mode, a 2nd yarn feed can be activated, e.g. knit in a second yarn of a different color in a spiral.

an electronic row counter and a simple yarnmast can be swapped left/right on the bed plate of the machine via a simple plug-in connection.

The machine is delivered with 150 needles, threading loop, 2 open cast on bonnets, yarn mast, bobbin for the 2nd yarn guide, 2 metall clamps, electronic row counter and illustrated brief instructions for the first steps.

All you need extra is yarn and knitting machine weights 500-1000 grams.